Charity & Love Inc.       
                                      "Caring Makes a Difference in Families' Lives"
Our committed role is to provide essential services to the families of our community. We pledge our time and effort for the growth and support of the people we serve. As an organization, we promote self-sufficiency with love, compassion and sincerity. We promise to serve with a caring heart through Charity and Love. 

"And now abideth Faith, Hope and Charity,
these three, but the greatest of these is Charity"
1 Corinthians 13:13


Our Goal

To empower all community members toward self-sufficiency;

To enable children in our communities to live in supportive environments that maximizes their potential for development and success;

To support members of our communities who are elderly and/or disabled to live in supportive environments that maximize their potential for health, dignity and respect.

To increase community connectivity and eliminate individual and family isolation.

Our Pledge

For over 7 years Charity and Love has helped thousands of people with life related solutions, yet one thing has remained, our pledge to serve through Charity and Love. 

Our Services

As public services have been reduced in recent years, church and community-affiliated organizations have stepped up to provide for underserved communities. Unfortunately, however, information about these community-based services is not centralized, but scattered community-wide. We have easy-to-find locations and up-to-date information where we provide assistance with finding services to meet your needs. 


 Application Assistance

 Referral Services

 Additional Services

Food Pantry- Perishable items
 (every Thursday)


 DCF status

 Cash (TANF)


 Food Pantry List

 Food Stamps

Life Insurance 


 Utilities (Seniors 60 & Older)

  Rental Assistance

 Notary Services


 Disability Application 


 Medicare/ Medicare premiums

Medicare counseling 


Free Phone

 Business Start-Up

 Job Search

Unemployment Claims

Auto Accident 

(free food)
once a month

 Obama Healthcare Plan

Loan Modification/



 Hope for Dreams
(kids bedding)

Check back frequently
 for additional services

*Mortgage Protection assistance (Foreclosure and short sales).

1. Programs-Referral Services - (4,955 clients / 2016) Link individuals to public and private services that provide employment coaching, mental health counseling, housing and financial assistance programs.

2. DCF Partnership Services - (9,337 clients / 2016) Assist individuals in applying for DCF benefits including food stamps, cash assistance, Medicaid, and Nursing Home applications with Medicaid premiums paid by the state.

3. Community Education Services - (7,212 clients / 2016) Inform key community members, leaders and organizations about services available to residents to assist with food, clothing, shelter, education and health.

4. Employment or Unemployment - (1,659 clients / 2016) Assist customers to use computer for job search, also apply for unemployment and claim weeks for unemployment.